Since when did Condoms became the new Head gear?

If you Google condoms on the internet, you will come across a lot of definitions as to its uses and appearance. In a definition from Wikipedia a condom  is  a sheath-shaped barrier device that may be used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy. I kept on reading and reading again but I cant seem to find how a condom can be used as a headgear.
Apparently, condoms now have a new identified usage. This Condom Challenge has been rounding the internet world since early November and it involves a condome and a humans head. I gotta say, trends nowadays are becoming weirder and weirder every time.

This challenge involves two people usually on their Condom Challenge attire which is anything under the sun. Set inside the bathroom, one person will stand at the back holding a condom filled with water. The other one, well, suffers the bizarre feeling of having a condom on his head. Yeah I know, talk about peculiar, teens nowadays.

According to an article from Business Insider Australia, this trend started when two Japanese uploaded a video on Youtube titled “Japanese Condom Head Challenge”. Up to date, the video has gained 500,060 views and somebody even created a Twitter account in honor of the challenge.

After the two Japanese made noises on the internet, videos of teens performing the challenge has been sprouting everywhere just like mushrooms do. Well I have to admit the challenge is pretty weird but a very hilarious one.
If you can remember this is not the first time we have a Condom Challenge. Back in 2013, another condom Challenge came to surface involving the snorting of condoms. That one was beyond disgusting, but people got a hang of making videos about it. I wonder what other trends will we be expecting now that the holidays are near and the new year is coming. Two words people, two words’ all I can say “BRACE YOURSELVES”.

Check out this video compilation from youtube:

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