Would You Dare Hike This Path ?

What would it take to get you to hike this mountain?
People still fall off of this thing every year.

Mt. Huashan in China is considered one of the steepest in the planet, ranking it the most dangerous when it comes to mountain hiking trails. Plank walk in the sky allows you to literally walk the plank. Mount Huashan has 5 peaks, but none offer the danger and thrill of the infamous Plankwalk. The remainder of the trail is composed of iron rods protruding from the mountain, small cut outs in the actual rock for your feet and chains for gripping yourself close to the mountainside.

The plankwalk requires you to rent a harness in order to hike it. What you chose to do with that harness is entirely up to you and yes it would be possible for a fatal casualty to occur with one wrong step. The guy in the video actually unclipped his harness while taking videos of himself.

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